BrandSource Authorized



The BrandSource Authorized program is not meant to replace your identity, only to strengthen it and give it notoriety on the national level.

Within the Brandsource Authorized program, the independent retailer has the ability to engage with programs or services that best suit their store’s needs; from a broad a-la-carte menu of programs and services that are readily available.

Flexible merchandising programs => INCREASED PROFITABILITY
Proven best sellers from suppliers you choose to support; offering one or more additional advantages such as exclusivity, value added, better acquisition cost, marketability or logistics.

A 12-month Advertising Calendar => TOP-OF-MIND AWARENESS
A strong and effective advertising plan with fully integrated events allowing you to communicate a consistent message all year round; supported by a National Radio & TV campaign.

Your local website, supported by a National website => FULLY INTEGRATED MARKETING & MERCHANDISING
Promote your website with a digital marketing campaign that’s consistent with your traditional advertising for a strong and efficient message to the consumer.

Sales training and Product knowledge training => HIGHER CONVERSION RATES
Well trained and knowledgeable staff will maximize the advertising spent by converting more of the foot traffic that comes through the door.

Professional Design at in-house reduced rates => INCREASED CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT AND CONFIDENCE
Flexible, unique interior and exterior standards that communicate confidence, consistency and a professional image to your customers.

Competitive Consumer Financing Promotions => INCREASE YOUR AVERAGE SALE
And improve your customers’ loyalty through competitive pricing on consumer financing offers and a credit card in Your Name.

Performance Groups will take member input and information to identify ways to increase profitability as well as identify opportunities for business improvement.

Ronald McDonald House of Charities – TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE THEM FEEL AT HOME
Since 2007, with the help of our suppliers, retailers, employees and customers, BrandSource has been proudly supporting the Ronald McDonald House of Charities, by providing ”a home away from home” for families of seriously ill children.

Ronald McDonald House of Charities – THANKS FOR THE HELPING HAND! PROJECT 
In January 2016, BrandSource was proud to launch a new initiative with its dealers across the county in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities and the 14 Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada. The national campaign sees BrandSource stores support their local House by making an annual donation and holding fundraising events throughout the year.