POS System

Mega Group has formed an alliance to provide members with a business management and information system at exclusive pricing.

Mega Group has selected Windward Software as the recommended English language Point of Sales system.

The partnership includes integrating Windward’s POS system to Mega Group/BrandSource systems and websites which is one of the building blocks in the development and execution of Mega Group’s digital strategies.  The integrated solution will provide Mega Group retailers access to a highly rated & cost effective POS system, more efficient processes, access to better data, and the ability to make better decision.


Benefits of Windward Partnership:


Improved integration between Mega Group systems, Mega Group/BrandSource websites and Windward POS.

  • We are building integration for: items, pricing, promotions, sell through allowance, and business intelligence reporting.
  • Improved integration will create more efficient processes and will reduce manual/redundant steps resulting in more time for retailer staff and Mega staff to focus on customers and generating profit.
  • Increases access to quality data which translate into making better decision to managing your business.


Return on investment

  • Windward offers preferred pricing and yearly maintenance cost for Mega retailers.
  • Windward is Canadian company so all costs in Canadian dollars thus removing foreign currency risks.
  • The benefits of the integrated technology package offered by Mega Group and Windward Software will allow the retailer to quickly realize a return on your investment.


The Company:

Windward Software is a Canadian based provider of Business Management Software, founded in 1984 with over 4000 clients spanning 36 countries.

Since inception, Windward has been working with furniture retailers as one of their main vertical markets.  With time and experience Windward expanded into the Appliance and Consumer Electronics industries helping all markets improve their business processes, increase profits, and manage their entire business more efficiently.


The Product:

Windward System Five is everything a Home Goods Retailer needs, covering Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Promotions, Customer Relationship Management and Accounting.

What makes System Five unique is the focus that Windward Software has put on helping everyone in the business do their jobs faster, easier and more accurately. System Five gives control to the business owner to allow their staff to quickly and efficiently sell and deliver on customer orders.  All transactions are posted automatically into the easy to use accounting system, which will allow the owner the freedom to manage the business and watch profits grow.  This method of development is reflected in the Windward tag line, “We help you run your business, rather than just report on it”.

Other Key Functionality:

  • Customizable point of sale screen
  • Multi-location support
  • Special order management
  • Written sales reporting
  • Sell through allowance management
  • Serial/Unit tracking, including service history
  • Delivery scheduling and planning
  • Customer price levels with profit protection security
  • Option for integration to your E-Commerce solution

Website: www.windwardsoftware.com/mega-group.html