Promotional Networks



Promotional Networks are groups of strategically similar Mega/NBA members that desire and share similar profiles in terms of market approach, positioning or size, product mix by supplier which are supported by merchandising and promotional programs that bring additional advantages to the retailer.

Why would retailers join Promotional Networks? To be part of a group of like-minded retailers to exchange ideas, successes, failures, business practices – with the intent to help members become better retailers – is the primary reason to belong to the Promotional Networks. A group of united participants is always more powerful than an individual. This is as true in the arena of retail as in anything else.

As a bottom-up driven organization, the members of Promotional Networks work together, along with our dedicated staff of professionals, to develop a core line-up of products. We then work with the suppliers to leverage the enhanced purchasing power of the group into better acquisition costs.

The philosophy of Promotional Networks is that merchandising and marketing work hand in hand. Members and staff also work together in preparing a structured promotional event calendar whose primary purpose is to drive sales. At the disposal of the members is the entire range of advertising media: flyers, direct mail, newspaper advertising and radio.

As an independent retailer in today’s business environment, staying competitive is not getting any easier; we must get better at what we do. The Promotional Networks provides the tools to accomplish that goal.