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Sleep Experience offers a comprehensive integrated retail system. We have the depth and breadth of experience in this category to maximize your opportunity for success.

“Benefits of a Franchise Without the Drawbacks” – You get the key benefits of a franchise model including economies of scale and unified processes based on best practices without the typical negatives like high initial costs and strict regulations required by a corporation. However, it is important to note that, similar to physical training, the results you get are directly correlated to how much effort you put into the process.

How Sleep Experience Addresses Our Retailer’s Needs
While being a comprehensive integrated program, Sleep Experience has the added benefit of creating a custom sleep business strategy for your unique, individual store situation to drive your sleep sales performance. The key Sleep Experience business elements are:

You need powerful, persuasive sleep and promotional messages to entice customers to your store. Using the latest in proven marketing research and analysis to develop strategy for your trading area, Sleep Experience delivers comprehensive promotional campaigns in a structured 52 week calendar that communicates your sleep message, builds brand awareness and distinguishes you from your competition, saving you valuable time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Sleep Shop Design
A boutique design ensures a great in-store experience that will put your customers in the right frame of mind to make a sleep purchase, even before they come into contact with you. Our design concept is created to exceed consumers’ expectations and provides continuous support from our designers to adapt to changing store environment trends.

Our merchandising solution creates a soothing, eye-catching layout, with ample product choices and technologies that sleep shoppers are looking for, so they can select the right products for their needs. Using our existing Sleep Experience core mattress and accessories programs, you will have a merchandise solution that will enable you to offer a complete sleep selection for your customers.

Our program is designed to provide your sales associates with the tools and techniques to effectively close sales and build a satisfied customer base as well as an operational training to successfully manage and achieve Sleep Experience goals. This comprehensive, measurable Sleep System Selling training program is designed to help sales associates understand why these sleep selling techniques will help them become the best sleep advisors they can be, with e learning; sleep system selling, supplier product knowledge and a performance management program for sales managers.

Supplier-supported services ensure a convenient and seamless experience for your customers and sales tools for you to attract customers to your location first and differentiate you in the new sleep marketplace.

How Sleep Experience Increases a Retailer’s Odds for Success in Today’s Market
Sleep Experience is uniquely positioned to collect vast amounts of industry and retail data that it uses to determine best practices across a multitude of its sleep retailers and share this knowledge with you to ensure your competitiveness and profitability in the market.