Digital Services


A website advertises your business 24/7 and will enhance customer communications, allow your customers to research your products at their leisure, provide a satisfying shopping experience for your customers and increase your company’s revenue.

 “The ultimate goal of the Mega Digital Services is to help retailers sell more products and services. The Mega Digital Services offers various web services that generate qualified web traffic to retailer websites and convert the web traffic to store contacts or actual visits leading to sales opportunities at retailer brick & mortar stores.”


Dynamic websites based on your business needs.

Web Design

  • Design theme branded to your business
  • Custom Banner Content
  • National Supplier Promotions and BrandSource Exclusive Promotions
  • Featured Brands
  • Rebates Page for Appliance National Promotions
  • Clearance Centre
  • Custom Sections: Service | In-Home Consultation | Financing | About Us | Contact Us
  • Email Sign-up
  • Search Bar | Sitemap
  • Social Media Links
  • Optimized for Mobile

Product Catalog

  • User Friendly Catalog Navigation
  • Thousands of Products
  • Hi-Resolution Product Images and Videos
  • Product Spec, Features and User Guides when available
  • Promo Pricing for STA, MAP, Focus and BrandSource Exclusive Promotions
  • Request a Quote | Compare | Wishlist
  • Shopping Cart (Ecommerce)
  • Social Media Links

Admin Dashboard

  • Manage Product Catalog
  • Apply Discounted Pricing to Products
  • Enable and Disable Products
  • Feature Products on Homepage
  • Access Consumer Email List


Comprehensive Product Catalog
Your product catalog receives weekly updates based on discontinued products, new products, MSRP adjustments for home furnishing categories such as appliances, furniture, mattresses, BBQ and Electronics. Your product page includes all product specifications, features, images and videos so the consumer has access to details right on your website

Promotional Offers
Mega Digital Services works closely with our supplier partners to provide both national and exclusive promotional programs. Our team applies these promotions to your site automatically on a daily basis. That means your website will feature enticing, up–to–date, promotional offers your local competition may not have. A dedicated section on your site will list details of all promotional offers providing links to each qualifying product.

Integration of Traditional Advertising, Digital Advertising, and Merchandising
Mega Digital Services offer fully integrated web solution incorporating traditional advertising, digital advertising and merchandising. Mega Digital Services works closely with the merchandising and advertising team to align Mega merchandising and advertising programs on your website as well as on other online media such as Facebook, Google+, Pay Per Click through Google AdWords, Display Media Marketing, etc. All you need to is simply participating Mega or BrandSource merchandising and advertising program. That means you will save lots of your valuable time and efforts to coordinate product and promotion updates for your promotions

Home Furnishings Specialist
Our team is knowledgeable not only in all aspects of Web such as website design, SEO, Social Media, Paid Search Engine Marketing (PPC), etc. but also in home goods industry by years of performing retailer promotions, catalogs, etc. We do understand your business.

Saves Time!

One of the main benefits of having Mega Digital Services create your website is that our retailers will save lots of their valuable time and effort because of all other 4 benefits discussed previously:

  • Integration of Traditional Advertising, Digital Advertising, and Merchandising
  • Full Service from Website Creation to Digital Marketing
  • Home Furnishings Specialist
  • Extensive Catalog