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Mega Learning System: Q&A with Al Ruttan

The Mega Learning System is a unique program created by Al Ruttan that enhances the decisive competitive advantage of the Mega independent retailer. Al has over 32 years of retail management experience and is a certified coach and trainer with the Maxwell Leadership Company. Our members can use this program to educate and empower their teams.

February 13, 2023  |  By Jyoti Shrestha

The Mega Learning System is structured in such a way that it runs for one year, broken down into 5-week cycles:

  • This program provides three weeks of dynamic lessons followed by a week off to put this knowledge into practice. Then, as the final addition, a group coaching call takes place in the fifth week to assess the progress that was made while applying those teachings.
  • So, whether you are in the Leadership Coaching Lane or the Sales Training Lane, the content is driven to help you and your team focus on improving your mindset and emotional intelligence to increase success and sell more products.
  • The development of this model was aimed at promoting growth and providing tailored assistance while differentiating Mega retailers from their big box competitors in the market.

Al Ruttan kindly took the time to talk with us about why utilizing this opportunity would be beneficial for all our Members and their stores:

Q: You have put together a program that looks beyond just the sales floor to promote growth at the individual staff level. Why do you think it is so important for both corporate and individual development to be prioritized?

A: It is not just leadership and sales training; it is people development. My mindset in how we have created the content is to help each participant in the program become a better all-around individual. Because we are teaching about personality style, overcoming conflict, crucial conversations, diversity, servant leadership, influence, and so much more, we are helping to develop their brand within the store to develop raving fans. To truly make their clients raving fans. All these things are going to help the individual become more well-rounded; to be more productive in the workplace and have better home lives to feel more fulfilled and accomplished. It is making your team the best team it can be.

Q: You describe the key to success for this program: showing up, doing the work, applying, and participating, and then the store ownership, following up with the team and inquiring about what they are learning. How do you figure this is the key to success to put into practice?

A: You are either growing or moving backwards. Growth does not just happen. We must be intentional about our personal growth and development. If we are not intentional about it, we will be left in the dust. It is essential that we, as leaders, led by example; if you do not do it, why would your team? It takes time to change behaviour, it takes time to develop good habits, and it takes time to develop people skills. We are only doing this program because we want to help people be more efficient in their jobs and help stores be more profitable. That is, it: Making independent retailers stronger.

Q: What are the benefits of virtual hosting classes when face-to-face is a vital part of the industry?

A: The virtual format allows us to keep it cost-effective for the storeowners and expand our connections between our fellow retailers within our industry. It does not pull people out of the store for days in a classroom. It is a short, once-a-week session. They are hearing and meeting others outside of their four walls in a cohort of multiple stores. We are not in competition with each other; we are all one group working towards the same goal. These groups allow us to share and learn with fellow salespeople or leaders from various locations.


Al Ruttan shares his tailor-made Mega Learning System and his plan of action for the 33 lessons in this video introduction:


To learn more about the Mega Learning System, please connect with your BDM or reach out to Al: We look forward to having you join us!


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