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About Us

The Mega Selling group strives to be the Essential Supplier of Retail services that ensures the continued success of the independent home goods retail Channel

Who We Are

Mega provides the combined expertise and scale in the areas of Retail financial support, Digital business, and Business Fundamentals that our members cannot easily access or afford on their own.

“I learned the value of having associations, buying groups and friends to network with…it was amazing the amount of information that was provided by Mega Group, The way Mega stood up to assist their membership was commendable and extremely helpful.” Jim Fee Stoney Creek Furniture, Ontario


We are Canada’s Largest and #1 Selling Group – as a Co-op we are both Member Owned and Member Driven.


3 Key Customer Channels Within Mega Group:

How We Can Help

We make it easier for vendors and retailers to do business together. Our 4 pillars of success are what we strive to continuously Improve everyday, with the overall goal of manufacturing more sales and increasing profitability for all channels of our partnerships.

Our Services

Mega Selling Groups ‘Secret Sauce’ is derived by Identifying, developing and Implementing Business programs systems and tools that individual members could not easily access, afford, or implement on their own. These are detailed in our 10 WHY MEGA services.

Our History

Mega has a long and proud history and we have never forgotten our roots; starting with 5 western Canada independent Retailers in 1965 known as V.I.P. Stores established in Saskatoon SK. and now growing to over 700 like-minded members that value and take advantage of our Collaborative Advantage.

Vendor Partnerships

Mega maintains fruitful partnerships with more than 400 vendors, having established trust through over 55 years of perfect payment record. Our vendor partners are global, market-leading brands that understand the importance of the independent retailer.

They support Mega as their essential service provider and recognize our role as the key connection point with the independent channel. These connections come with a proven track record of performance and results. Today, we continue to build a unique symbiotic and vendor centric role that is beneficial to all parties in their efforts to grow and thrive.

Charitable Work

Mega is a company that cares about its communities and that is why we maintain a long-standing partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada.

Over the years, we have provided beds and appliances to Ronald McDonald Houses across the country and have sponsored several fundraising events.  Mega is proud to support an organization that has such a positive impact on so many lives in our members’ communities across Canada.

Executive Leadership Team


Kim Yost

As the president and chief executive officer of MEGA GROUP, MR Yost provides overall leadership and direction for all aspects of MEGA GROUP in order to achieve the company’s mission.


Kevin Leier
Executive Vice-President/CFO

As the executive vice-president and chief financial officer of MEGA GROUP, Kevin is responsible for oversight of the financial reporting, credit, information technology, human resources and accounting-operations functions of the company.


Michael Vancura
Executive Vice-President Retail Operations

As the executive vice-president of MEGA’S retail operations, Michael is responsible for the merchandising team, retail oriented programs and support for or dealers in the BrandSource banner and MEGA affiliates.


Luc-André Cormier
Executive Vice-President Marketing and Digital Business

As the executive vice-president  of marketing and digital business, Luc-André is responsible for combining digital and traditional marketing into a unique and complete strategy for both the company as well as its members.


John Power
General Manager Sales and Strategic Development

As general manager sales and strategic development, John is responsible for growing the overall membership of MEGA in the 3 channels of business we operate: BrandSource, Affiliates and our groups members.


Erika Fox
Sr. Director, Human Resources

As Sr. director human resources, Erika leads the people and development team, with mission of building and growing high performing leaders, teams and culture at MEGA GROUP.

The Board

The Board of Directors is made up of executives from across Canada and represents the entire membership of Mega Group. The directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on a three-year term with approximately one third of the Board being elected each year by the membership.

The Board is made up of highly skilled and seasoned retail executives.  The directors are given the authority to direct the company and its executive leadership team on behalf of the shareholders, to the best of their ability, and with an ultimate responsibility to all Mega stakeholders. The Board of Directors explicitly assumes the stewardship of the company.



Richard Wall
Chairman of the Board



Michel Gaudreau
Vice-Chair of the Board





Phil Brewer

Compensation Committee Chair



Gerrard Stubbe
Compensation Committee Member
Store Owner / Operator




Michel Tardif
Audit Committee Chair
Store Owner / Operator




Shelly Gabriele Gale
Audit Committee Member
Store Owner / Operator




Al Ruttan
Audit Committee Member
Store Owner / Operator




Wayne Hambly
Governance Committee Chair




Bob Coleman
Governance Committee Member
Store Owner / Operator




Jenn Greene
Governance Committee Member
Store Owner / Operator

Contact Us

  • “Selling isn’t part of the game…It is the game! Sales are not part of the game, they are the game. We go out to manufacture sales for our members.” John Power, General Manager Sales and Strategic Development