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Mega has developed an exclusive and proprietary set of 10 Why Mega business programs, systems, and tools that individual retailers would otherwise have difficulty creating and implementing on their own

01. Central Billing

Mega invests in businesses not inventory, and offers a complete payment solution

Mega invests in businesses not inventory.

Our complete and centralized payment solution is our core competency. We deliver timely and accurate processing of vendor invoices, which creates solid cashflow management for our retailers. By ensuring prompt payment, we enhance your vendor relations which strengthens your business.


  • Group negotiating strength
  • Instant credit to 440+ international vendors
  • Industry-leading early pay discounts and term options
  • Efficiencies in management of payables and vendor claims

02. Expert Accounting

A custom financial management solution that improves your profitability while saving you time and money.

“….Expert Accounting continually provides us with accurate and timely financial reporting and brings insights and solutions to help resolve concerns on key areas of our operations.”
Travis Green – Green’s BrandSource, Fort Frances, Ontario

A custom financial management solution that improves your profitability while saving you time and money.

Our team of seasoned retail professionals provides business diagnostics and recommendations through accurate and consistent financial reporting and outstanding coaching.


  • Timely performance reporting
  • Effective inventory management
  • A team of skilled and committed professionals at competitive rates

Visit the Expert Accounting website for more details.

03. Consumer Finance

Better payment options to increase your average ticket by as much as 20%.

Better payment options to increase your average ticket by as much as 20%.

Close more, sell more and earn more with our exclusive signature card program.  The secure, online, and instant approval process makes it easy to buy while our company-wide negotiated rates provide each retailer with his own volume discounts.


  • Quick and easy approval process
  • In-cart integration for e-commerce
  • Direct-to-consumer marketing opportunities
  • Annual rebates and promotional rates

04. Business Basics

Core business service offering that is accessible and affordable to all.

Reduce everyday expenses through the power of our group.

Our ancillary services team researches and reviews service providers and their competition to guarantee pre-negotiated rates on every-day services that your business needs to operate.


  • Up to $8,000 in savings each year
  • Regular evaluations of best-in-class service providers
  • Dedicated vendor support

05. Merchandising

Our category experts work for you to develop the best programs with our key vendors.

A team of category experts who work full-time on your behalf at developing more profitable agreements and better retail programs with key vendors, while staying in tune with consumer trends from around the world.


  • Improved profitability
  • Stronger marketing programs
  • Merchandising for your website
  • Volume rebates and seasonal buy fairs

06. BrandSource

BrandSource brings its Members a full suite of services, all designed to manufacture sales

Canada’s largest furniture and appliance banner for a network of like-minded, independent retailers. Learn how to manufacture more sales by plugging into a comprehensive retail system that includes merchandising, marketing, website, and operational support.


  • Comprehensive 360 degree approach
  • Dedicated support and training
  • More than twenty exclusive and vendor-supported marketing events per year


07. Marketing

Mega’s Marketing Powerhouse uses a systematic, multifaceted “Motion Picture” approach to connect with today’s consumer.

Number one marketing group specialized in the Canadian Home Goods industry. By combining traditional and digital channels to connect with a changing consumer, we help you build more traffic and manufacture more sales. Premium digital marketing services that elevate your local brand and capture the attention of active shoppers in their path to purchase.


  • Industry experience & brand understanding
  • Digital expertise
  • Consistent messaging across channels (from advertising to website to store)
  • Hyper local targeting

08. Integrated Website and Digital Services

Our fully integrated websites are powerful, dynamic sales tools that further enhance your competitive edge.

The very best website a Canadian independent homes goods retailer can buy. Stay competitive by working smarter, and spend less time doing more with Alta our business management platform that opens doors to omnichannel opportunity through the integration of systems like POS, promo tags, Payment gateways and consumer financing


  • Immense catalogue & updates
  • Product & price management admin module
  • Dedicated support team
  • E-commerce ready
  • Inventory display

09. Store Design

Mega’s Store Design services help you elevate your consumer’s shopping experience.

Your store is your most meaningful communication touch point. Elevating you consumer shopping experience to reflect the quality of your products and services is how we help you create a great first physical impression. One that improves closing rates and builds loyalty.

With over 30 years of experience at personalized store presentation, we have the knowledge and the expertise to maximize your selling space, just ask our experts.

Read more about the Store Design program:


  • Personalized service
  • 3D visual concept presentations
  • Accredited supplier discounts

10. Fundamentals

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Mega’s Fundamentals provide you the framework that will send your business to new heights!

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Independent retailers can struggle with creating a repeatable process for the continuous improvement of their business.  Mega’s Fundamentals is the framework and the support system that helps you prepare and execute annual plans that will propel you to new heights.


  • Mentorship and coaching
  • Proven approach with KPIs
  • Established tools