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New Premium Program: Capitalizing on the power of email

Most independent retailers are seeking ways to improve their digital marketing game. Mega Group wants to help its members capitalize on what may very well be the most underutilized and effective digital advertising medium at their disposal: email marketing.

May 2, 2022  |  By Mega Group

BrandSource has included email as part of the Local Marketing Kit in every one of its promotions for the last two years. We’ve taken special care to respect all of Canada’s privacy laws and we’ve actively been helping grow and manage nearly 100 independent retailers’ individual email databases.

Overall, we have sent nearly one million emails, far exceeding our initial expectations. And, more importantly, campaign results have continuously exceeded average advertising performance results.  In return, BrandSource members have rated our email marketing service with an incredible 93% satisfaction level.

Clearly, email is working.

So what better time than now to raise the bar?

We’ve listened to member feedback and have made it our mission to meet the growing needs of retailers for cost-effective, customized, and localized marketing promotions.
That’s why we’re excited to launch our new Premium Email Program, which has been designed to :

  1. Grow your email database quicker and more efficiently
  2. Improve the customer experience
  3. And allow you to create your own campaigns without ever having to worry about managing data or customer privacy

Choose between 3 programs

Tier 1: Local Marketing Kit

Rest assured that the LMK is not changing.  We’ll continue to drive website traffic with 1-3 emails per event, and we’ll continue to acquire new subscribers on retailer websites or by integrating the email addresses they collect in-store.

Tier 2: Growth

It is meant to do exactly as labeled –  to grow the size of your email list.  It comes with an incentive for consumers to register on the website, via social media and in-store, as well as a sequence of welcome emails that immediately engage new subscribers with your brand.

Tier 3: Premium

This component will take your email game to a whole new level. It empowers users of Mega’s marketing services to customize their group promo emails and create their own email campaigns outright, with easy-to-use templated messages or specialized creative services.  These are only a few advantages that Premium subscribers enjoy through a self-serve access to the Enterprise platform Mega has created with Mailchimp.  And to top it all off, we’ve partnered with Rewards LP to include their customer loyalty platform in our Premium email package.



If you feel Mega’s Premium Email program might be right for you, watch the above video or read more by clicking here. Contact your Mega Group Retail Sales and Services representative to discover the full value proposition.

You can also reach out to our email specialist directly at