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Laundry Features to Look For in 2023

After 2 years of modest innovations in the laundry world, manufacturers are now announcing their colours with a big load of fresh innovations! We folded up their brightest ideas to take a load off your mind.

March 16, 2023  |  By Philippe Charron

Let’s look at 4 popular brands and the different features they now offer their customers.

Maytag Pet Pro System

According to a Maytag survey with 2,000 pet owners, 59% say they spend too much time cleaning. Maytag’s Pet Pro Top Load Washer uses a unique agitator designed to filter out as much as five times the pet hair a traditional wash would normally remove. By submerging fabric in more water, it’s easier to lift hair, and cleaning is even more efficient since the filter is easy to empty; just remove it from the agitator and dispose of the pet hair. The Maytag Pet Pro Dryer also removes more pet hair than ever before during the drying cycle with its massive XL lint trap. Its convenient location on top of the machine also makes it easier to clean.

GE Profile UltraFast Combo

Coming to the US this summer (hopefully soon after in Canada), GE Profile’s UltraFast Combo is sure to send shockwaves to the industry with its under-2-hour full cycle!

With its approximately 5.5 Cu. Ft I.E.C. capacity (4.8 Cu. Ft. D.O.E) and compact design, this model will surely fit where most washers and dryers don’t. The ventless installation also makes it perfect for situations where other laundry options are limited or simply non-existent.

Additional features for this compact unit include auto dispensing, steam wash, auto dry, and a sanitizing cycle.

Samsung BESPOKE laundry

Samsung’s BESPOKE washer and dryer are sure to elevate any laundry room, with many interesting and useful features.

  • MultiControl™: Eliminate the long reach and operate your dryer right from your washer when the units are stacked.
  • Auto-Cycle Link: Depending on the cycle selected on the washer, the most suitable dryer cycle will be automatically set.
  • Super Speed Dry: Optimally dry a full load of laundry in just 30 minutes, and with an added Super Speed Washer, achieve a complete wash and dry in under an hour.

LG WashTower™

LG is committed to improve laundry time and space. With typical stacked washer-dryer, the dryer controls usually end up at the at the very top (±80”), making it harder for shorter people to reach. Enters the WashTower™, a single-unit, 74” ¾ high washer and dryer, with its perfectly positioned, easy to reach Centre Control™ panel.

Built-in sensors use AI technology to detect fabric texture and load size to select the optimal wash motions. Additionally, Smart Pairing™ can automatically select the optimal drying cycle based on the washer cycle that was selected. Compatible with LG ThinQ Care, this WashTower helps ensure optimal performance and provides useful tips and guides to extend product lifespan. Lastly, the ventless design and heat-pump technology offer a more flexible installation and lower drying temperatures, limiting energy use to a minimum, making it perfect for small spaces.

As you can see, there are now many ways to organize and set up a laundry station. Making sure customers choose the most important attributes they’re looking for when browsing different models helps them select the one that perfectly suits their needs!