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POWER UP 2024: Mega’s National Convention in Vancouver

Renowned for its stunning landscapes and vibrant atmosphere, Vancouver, British Columbia serves as the backdrop for Mega Group’s 2024 marquee event.

February 8, 2024  |  By Katherine Kocur

Get ready to Power Up for success!

This year’s edition of Mega’s National Convention, Power Up 2024, will take place at the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver Hotel this June 14th and 15th.



Mega’s National Convention offers a distinctive mix of buying, selling, and learning that extends beyond traditional seminars and workshops. It is a unique platform for independent retailers to explore their individual and collective potential for growth, innovation, and empowerment.

Power Up your path to push the envelope and unlock new possibilities in 2024!

Exciting, Exclusive Deals

Dive into the excitement of our Stampede offers, tailored to power up your competitive advantage and allow your business to thrive in the ever-evolving world of retail. Don’t miss out on the chance to secure deals that can make a big impact on your bottom line!

Fulfilling Interactions with Our Vendors

Immerse yourself in our vast showroom, one of our largest ever! Connect with our vendor partners for innovative insights into the latest industry offerings. Explore technologies, products, and services that are powering up retail, transforming the way we work.

Energizing Networking Opportunities

Power Up your professional network in 2024! Build connections with fellow independent retailers and industry experts in Vancouver while exchanging ideas and best practices in retail.

Fun and Entertainment

Of course, it’s not all work and no play! Enjoy themed social events and surprises that will add an extra layer of excitement to the convention. Plus, from its picturesque landscapes to its vibrant cultural scene, the city of Vancouver provides lots of opportunities for enjoyment and discovery.



Stay tuned for updates that will keep you informed and excited about what lies ahead at Mega’s National Convention this June.

About Mega’s National Convention

Bringing together industry professionals, leading experts, and our vast network of independent retailers throughout Canada to share knowledge with one another and explore new horizons. With a rich history of providing valuable experiences, Mega Group’s National Convention is a must-attend event for those seeking growth, connection, and inspiration.