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Attracting the Deal Hunter

Retailers sign up for BrandSource Outlet, a new store-within-store concept showcased at Quebec regional member meetings.

November 18, 2021  |  By Mega Group

Retailers sign up for BrandSource Outlet, a new store-within-store concept showcased at Quebec regional member meetings.

The first in-person regional meetings to be held in more than two years closed last Friday in Laval, Québec.   The three-day event gave participants a chance to reconnect, discuss the impact of the pandemic on their business and, maybe more importantly, how they will consolidate the market share gains experienced over the 18 months.  The expo floor at the Palace Convention Center was filled with such new opportunities, including a first-ever physical presentation of BrandSource Outlet.

The first-ever physical presentation of BrandSource Outlet

BrandSource Outlet kiosk, created by Mega Store Design

The Outlet program was introduced as being critical to members because its Smart Styles and Super Savings attract new, younger and value-conscious consumers with whom local independents are traditionally not top of mind.  “We’re going after the Deal Hunter with a value-driven proposition and entry level price points on a select assortment of furniture and accessories,” explained Jason Vottero, Director of Merchandising – Case Goods & Outlet.

The Laval event was supported by Dynasty Furniture of Calgary, a significant contributor to the Outlet product assortment.  Other program vendors who were featured in the kiosk include Mazin, Primo, Renwil and Eglo Lighting.  Mr. Vottero noted that “having the ability to see, touch and feel both the store design elements and Outlet products and prices, really helped the retailers visualize the program in their stores and understand the benefits.”

The BrandSource Outlet program is specifically designed and merchandised to attract new customers to BrandSource stores.  It comes complete with store signage and planogram options (1,500 and 3,000 square feet), a newly branded website section and twelve months of marketing support.   It is also being supported by the Outlet Group Buy program, which gives members the chance to participate in regularly-scheduled monthly purchases via Mega’s virtual B2BWave group ordering platform.  This initiative as an effective way to plan for inventory based on current vendor lead times, and ensure best-sellers are always in stock.

During the three-day networking event, two more retailers subscribed to BrandSource Outlet and several more went back to their business to evaluate where to locate this turnkey gallery within their store.  Jim Rice of Ameublement BrandSource Rice (Edmunston, N.B.) and Colin MacPherson of Burke’s BrandSource Home Furnishings (Sydney, N.S.) are the latest to form a group of thirteen BrandSource members who have already signed up for the new program, which continues to roll out this quarter.

For more information about BrandSource Outlet, please contact your Mega representative or write to Jason Vottero at