BrandSource is a marketing driven initiative for independent home goods retailers that addresses the two most important components of our new retail reality: the internet and brand name awareness.

Brand name awareness will be achieved two ways: first, through a strong national branding campaign and secondly, by including the BrandSource logo on all your existing advertising media. This branding advertising will drive people to the web site and then to your store.

Together we will win the battle for the internet. The BrandSource national web site is high performance and highly functional. Key words lead them to it on searches. Detailed information on all the most popular brands of home furnishings and engaging content are easily accessed. Finally, a store locator shows them where to find you and leads the consumer to your store or your individual BrandSource web site that we will build for you.

The prime objective of this initiative is to increase consumer traffic in the stores. In order to accomplish this, we are seeking specific retail partners who share the BrandSource vision and agree to build, over the next few years, the awareness of this brand that will allow us to speak with one voice.

Mega Group dealers are invited to join BrandSource in Canada.

The cause we support at BrandSource

Ronald McDonald House of Charities – TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE THEM FEEL AT HOME
Since 2007, with the help of our suppliers, retailers, employees and customers, BrandSource has been proudly supporting the Ronald McDonald House of Charities, by providing ”a home away from home” for families of seriously ill children.

Ronald McDonald House of Charities – THANKS FOR THE HELPING HAND! PROJECT 
In January 2016, BrandSource was proud to launch a new initiative with its dealers across the county in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities and the 14 Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada. The national campaign sees BrandSource stores support their local House by making an annual donation and holding fundraising events throughout the year.