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Nurturing Future Leaders for Success

From a New Brunswick County of 26,000, Allison McLellan has taken on McLellan's BrandSource Home Furnishings’ 43-year history to solidify its competitive edge in the region. As a young, multi-generational owner, he expanded the store to 19,800 square feet, making it the largest retailer for Appliances, Bedding, and Furniture in Carleton County.

October 11, 2023  |  By Jyoti Shrestha

Inspired by his father, John McLellan, who achieved exceptional sales recognition within his first year to outperform competing Maritime stores, Allison drew on his father’s guidance to earn the BrandSource 2023 Retailer of The Year award, just a year after he took on the role of McLellan’s Vice-President and owner. This award recognizes McLellan’s outstanding performance in customer experience, merchandising programs, digital marketing services, and CBA purchase growth as their equation for success in the business.

Time and Effort: A Return on Investment Beyond Money

Allison has made moves to his store by elevating customer service, refining store branding, investing in associate training, and recognizing the support of surrounding communities to help make him the successful retail owner he is today.

He shows his dedication to McLellan’s customers in a variety of ways. He ensures that products reach even the most remote areas (even delivering by boat!), maintains seamless in-store experience by filling in during staffing shortages, and if customers are unable to fit the standard terms and conditions of a regular contract, he finds solutions to cater to their specific needs. Furthermore, Allison provides comprehensive on-the-job training and fosters team-building experiences, from sourcing representatives for in-store workshops to organizing on-site visits with local vendors like Springwall.

Incorporating major Mega Merchandising programs in high-traffic areas of his store, Allison expanded the store’s floor layout based on Mega’s design guidance to optimize the customer’s circulation in the space and make it more convenient for them to find what they need. Furthermore, he organized vendor spotlights to highlight the wide range of brands available at McLellan’s, complete with product demonstrations, enticing recipes, and exclusive opportunities. This helped customers realize the attainability of their desired lifestyle.

Establishing a Presence… and Human Connections

The McLellan logo can be seen everywhere in the area, whether it’s on hats, shirts, or other visual materials designed to reinforce their dominance in Carleton County. If you happen to be in the western area of New Brunswick, you are likely to see their impact—quite literally—as their logo also appears on every side of their delivery trucks, vans, and company vehicles, leaving no white space behind.

McLellan also maintains a strong social media presence, actively engaging with customers through their posts and stories on Instagram and Facebook. This is not limited to showcasing products and promotions. Whether it’s through genuine daily reflections, special staff moments, or welcoming a pet for a store walk-through, Allison maintains a regular online presence that puts the store’s lighthearted side on display, connecting viewers to the people behind it and making them more likely to shop there as a result.

By becoming a member of the local rotary club and participating in other business commerce committees, Allison continues to fundraise not only for the local area, but the surrounding charities as well. He actively participates in local events, hosting contests to recognize educators and community role models, as well as fundraisers for the provincial RMHC branch. Through these engagements, he not only promotes his products, but also inspires community involvement.

Honouring the People Behind the Achievements

Showing the combination of heart and dedication to the store and community is not only how the family runs the organization, but how they motivate their staff to continue to pay it forward. From Dave Cosman, who was their inaugural hire from when the store first opened its door until his retirement in 2014 to Glendon Luimes who has recently celebrated over 20 years with the store, McLellan’s takes pride in knowing their staff have played pivotal roles in their history to mark the company’s values are echoed. Celebrating their milestones and accolades is a valuable part of their success.Whether it’s the joy they bring to Mega events with their laughter and smiles, or the heartfelt well-wishes and advice they readily offer to their peers, both John and Allison McLellan consistently embody what it means to be a Mega member. As Allison continues to carry the torch, this spirit of camaraderie continues to be the driving force within the heart of the Mega community and the inspiration on how others can continue to serve their community and drive traffic into their stores.