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Appliance Industry Update – December 2022

As we have seen throughout the month of December 2022, most sales are down. To some extent, this was to be expected given the record growth in previous years of the pandemic. And this is striking when compared to the same period last year (-13.5% for T6). YTD, we are at -6.8% vs. last year. 

February 8, 2023  |  By Philippe Charron

Appliance Industry Update - December 2022


Refrigeration is down, as is the case for just about every category given the more challenging December (refrigerators are down -18% vs. the same period last year), although 4-door models have grown 8.3% since the beginning of this year. In contrast, 2-door bottom freezer refrigerators have dropped -22.6% vs. December 2021.


Upright freezers are still going strong with 59% of total YTD. However, December 2022 was really more difficult with a drop of -43.4% vs. the same period last year.


Consumers still have a clear preference for electric appliances, which account for 85% of total sales. As for the other categories, the results are down for both gas and electric stoves. YTD, electric induction cooking ranges are the only ones showing a small increase with 0.3% vs. the same period last year. Electric cooktops are doing well with a 14.8% increase over December 2021. The increase in disposable income may have contributed to this growth, given the typically higher prices for these cooking appliances.


This is one of the only categories showing positive numbers (+9.8% vs. December 2021). It is worth noting that the growth in stainless steel tub models is excellent, with a 24.6% increase over December 2021.

Microwaves & Ventilation 

While countertop microwaves are still the choice of a majority of people (67%), built-in models show some growth with December outperforming December 2021 by 57.4%. The sampling is not large, but it’s still an interesting gain for a month where it was generally difficult. YTD, the growth represented 8.4% vs. 2021. In contrast, the overall category is down -8% YTD.


Front load washers represent 51.7% of the total YTD (but Top load washers are up 1.2% in December 2022 compared to December 2021). However, gas dryers have dropped 25% in December compared to the same period last year and are -13.3% YTD.

What about your store? How does it compare in terms of overall performance and category performance? Do you have enough 4-door refrigerators on your floor to take advantage of this growing category?